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$147 $102.90
Just TAP

Learn to fly.

INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED, the third and final course in the Just TAP series, will round-out your tap-toolbox with the final 'unlock' steps to open up a new world of tap dance possibility, helping to navigate these often-confusing levels, and pave the way for an exciting, confident and happy journey forward.

Created by award-winning teacher, performer and choreographer BILL SIMPSON, the self-paced course is crafted to challenge, excite and help each student achieve meaningful results, becoming a stronger, well-rounded tap dancer in both body and mind.

The course is being created for both:

  • Tap dancers sitting on the Beginner/Intermediate cusp, looking to break out of the 'beginner bubble'.
  • Tap dancers of an Intermediate, Advanced or aspiring-Professional level looking to break-down and refine their technique, and reach a new realm of tap dance proficiency.

The course features the super-high-quality, easy-to-understand explanation videos that are the hallmark of Just TAP...

...and (new for this course) Bill will get in front of the camera (video-class style) to share a collection of fun new DRILLS, EXERCISES and delicious & intricate COMBINATIONS to music...

...all organized neatly in a brand new course management system, where students can control their own learning flow, keep track of your progress and move between lessons in a straightforward, intuitive way.

Aw yeah.

What does the course actually cover?

Course 3 continues straight on from where Course 2 (Advanced Beginners) left off, both building upon our fundamental tap dance technique and exploding it outwards (and upwards!) into an exciting, infinite array of tap dance possibility.

Content includes:

  • Riffs: The fun (and speedy!) traveling steps to get you off the spot.
  • Jumping Steps: Pullbacks (aka 'Graboffs'), Maxie-Fords, Ripples, Wings and beyond (+ the fundamental step that links them all together).
  • Deep-dives into crucial tap dance principles: Musicality, Weight Placement, Relaxation and Speed.
  • The 'Crazy Stuff': The intricate, challenging & highly-impressive steps to keep you busy long after you finish the course.
  • Exercises and combinations to put these steps into action and find flow between them.

Beyond tap technique...


Students will finish the course feeling confident, excited and very ready to embrace the next phase of their tap dance journey.

The Fancy Features:

  • Multiple Angles
  • Multiple Speeds
  • Unparalleled attention to detail
  • Clear course structure & flow
  • Relevant for all styles of tap throughout the world
  • Common terminology + alternate names included
  • Lifetime Access & Updates
  • 365 day Money Back Guarantee

* Note: All prices are in USD.

What others are saying

"Bill Simpson is an excellent tap mentor - having taken many classes with Bill, I highly recommend them to everyone. Not only does he share his amazing footwork, he brings the whole body experience to a class to ensure you leave as a better dancer internally, externally and from head to toe. From the care of his students to his diverse range of musicality and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to any class experience."
ELLA LEHAF - Producer of Australian Tap Dance Festival

“Besides being an award-winning tap dancer, theatrical tour de force, and master technician, Bill Simpson is a generous educator and clear communicator, bringing dynamic freshness to classic styles with respect to the roots of the craft. All while nurturing what I consider to be the most important ingredient - the joy of dance."
EDEN READ - Tap Dance Educator

"The video format is perfect for me. If followed correctly, there is really no opportunity to get lost or make technical mistakes."
- GLEN, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

“The overall production quality is perfect, as is the clarity of the content. I felt I was 100% guided.”
- ALLESANDRA, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

“The Just TAP courses are awesome! They're teaching me so much. Thank you for putting a great product out there.”
- COURTNEY, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

"I continue to be thrilled with all these new discoveries I am making in my tap abilities, and the way Bill teaches it all makes it totally achievable.”
- RYAN, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

"I could not have found a better tap video tutorial. The commentary and tips are brilliant.”
- DALE, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)


We're excited to offer you the chance to join us on the ride, and be one of the first to experience the course.

In addition to a super-sweet, never-to-be repeated discount on the purchase price, you'll receive first access to the course content as it's being created (from August - October, 2022).

You'll also be added to a private email list where we'll be checking in, sending regular updates, behind the scenes content, live streams, Q&A zoom sessions and more!

And, if all that wasn't quite enough, each pre-order will have their name included in the final video credits of the course, as a first-supporter.

---> 30% pre-order discount is available NOW until the course is officially released (estimated: January, 2023).

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[PRE-ORDER] Receive all course content as it's completed (from August - December 2022).

Includes videos on Technique, + Drills, Exercises & Combinations
Unparalleled attention to detail & production value
Clear course structure & flow
Relevant for all styles of tap throughout the world
Common terminology + alternate names included
Lifetime Access & Updates
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