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Bill's 6-Week Tap Bootcamp

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A stay-at-home learning adventure for advanced-beginner tap dancers.

with Bill Simpson, award-winning creator of the acclaimed Just TAP video courses.


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What it's all about:

The magic of tap dance, of course.

Together over 6 weeks, we’ll dive into a series of brand-new video lessons, crafted to supercharge the next phase of your journey in tap dance.

Over the 6 weeks, you will:

  • Refine your tap technique, range and speed.
  • Build your 'tap vocabulary' with important steps that unlock the path of happy, efficient intermediate and advanced level tapping.
  • Develop an effective tap practice routine that you enjoy.
  • Build your tap-vocabulary with ‘unlock’ steps that pave the way to happy, efficient intermediate and advanced level tapping.
  • Build confidence. Lots.
  • Learn how to set up your learning and practice space so as not to result in cranky neighbors (or divorce).
  • Discover a new level of 'tap-happiness' through numerous ultra-fun combinations (to music!) crafted exclusively for this bootcamp.
  • Connect directly with Bill and other new tap friends across the world through weekly community video calls with Bill and the team, where students can ask questions, share stories, celebrations and challenges, talk tap dance and everything else.

    "If you have some background in tap, I HIGHLY recommend Bill Simpson's 6-Week Tap Bootcamp. Enjoyable, fun, big-time learning, challenging, well-made . . . it's all there."

    - Arthur, Texas, USA

Upon completing the 6 weeks, you'll feel excited, motivated and very ready to exit your living room in style and dazzle the dance studio floor or maybe-just-maybe, the stage.

Lessons are released at the start of each week, and run for 50 - 80 minutes each, filmed from the back (as if you were taking an in-person class with Bill). Students will have access to the video content for a minimum of 45 days after completing the bootcamp, with an option to extend access to the content if required.

Note: Lessons are pre-recorded to guarantee video quality, as well as avoid internet drop-outs and sound-syncing annoyances.

Also included: emails from Bill to help guide and motivate you through the 6 weeks.


"The clarity of what Bill is actually doing in each new step translates wonderfully well on video. It's a testament to him, his excellent teaching and his personality that he can make a video class feel so fulfilling, especially given the range of levels of tappers he has to consider. I feel like I know him now. His warmth, encouragement and superb tap skills are a gift."

- Cathy, Maryland, USA

"I've been impressed, challenged, overwhelmed and deeply inspired by the 6-Week Tap Bootcamp and have really enjoyed being part of such a beautiful, life-changing experience!"

- Janina, Bavaria, GERMANY

"As a tap dancer of 30 years I have come across a huge range of artists in my time. Upon meeting Bill Simpson I was blown away by his uniqueness. His class environment is so warm and welcoming to any age or ability of tap. One thing I particularly love about his classes is that he helps you forget what is going on in your outside world. To be able to hold the attention of the class for that long requires a very special skill, which Bill is gifted with. Along with possessing an amazing style, his creativity, musicality and choreographic range is next to none."

- Shannon, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

"The 6-Week-Tap-Bootcamp was a perfect set of next steps after completing Bill's Just Tap series. It was easy to follow and provided the perfect amount of incremental challenges as the Bootcamp went on.

I continue to be thrilled with all these new discoveries I am making in my tap abilities, and the way Bill teaches it all makes it totally achievable. Thank you, Bill!"

- Ryan, Saskatchewan, CANADA

"Bill Simpson is an excellent tap mentor - having taken many classes with Bill, I highly recommend everyone to try them out. Not only does he share his amazing footwork, he brings the whole body experience to a class to ensure you leave as a better dancer internally, externally and from head to toe. From the care of his students to his diverse range of musicality and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to any class experience."

- Ella Lehaf, Producer of Australian Tap Dance Festival


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Bill's 6-Week Tap Bootcamp

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